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An Unpopular Guide to Step 5

From the inside of this Guide:

"Part of the intent of this Guide ... is to explore what the Big Book actually says with regard to our working of Step 5.

"But there is another motive in writing An Unpopular Guide to Step 5. It is to understand why the Big Book recommends that Step 5 should be a telling of our 'whole life story' rather than the reading of our Step 4 inventory. We will see that there is a very intimate connection between such an approach and our working of Step 10. When we see the reason for the Big Book's treatment of Step 5, it may be that we become more inclined to follow its suggestions ... and, just as important, to recommend to newcomers to Program that they do the same." More information

An Unpopular Guide to Step 10

From the inside of this Guide:

"An Unpopular Guide to Step 10 is intended for those members of Twelve-Step programs who are interested in developing a spiritual practice around Step 10. It is based entirely on the treatment of Step 10 in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. In particular, it focuses on one short part of the section which is devoted to Step 10.

"... Even so-called old-timers in Program are generally not aware that the Big Book offers precise directions for the ongoing practice of Step 10. One purpose of this Guide is to do at least something to correct that situation." More information

Unpopular Studies in the Last Three Steps

From the inside of these Studies:

"It is worth saying ... that there is not a single original idea in these Studies. All of its 'insights' are thousands of years old; they are rediscovered from time to time, and the world always seems to have a tiny, tiny minority of people who incorporate these ideas into their spiritual practice. Many of these ideas were rediscovered in the 1930s by the early AAs, and since then they have transformed the lives, not merely of millions of addicts desiring sobriety, but of far fewer people well into 12-Step recovery who have asked themselves this question: 'Isn't there more to life than this?'

"Yes, there is. If you are willing to go to any lengths to find it; if you have started to find it already, and want more of it; or if you live your life to the best of your present ability in the last three Steps ... then you may want to read on."More information