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Starting meditation

A friend in Program says:

There is nothing more discouraging than reading about, or listening in meetings to, people who are able to meditate for a long time. At present, for example, I meditate for half an hour at a time. Only a short while ago, relatively speaking, I could barely sit still for thirty seconds, never mind meditate as well. Listening to people talking about meditating for hours at a time was simply demoralizing.

Another problem with learning to meditate is that people often seem to be telling you to meditate in a particular way. My experience, and the experience of the program group I am close to, seem to suggest the opposite -- that each of us must figure out what works best for us.

It makes sense, therefore, to explore as many possibilities as we can and try some of them. If we know people who already meditate, we can ask them, or even meditate with them. To speak personally for a moment, I learned that meditating for just a few seconds -- perhaps five in- and out-breaths -- was part of my path to meditation. After all, I told myself, if I could meditate for ten seconds, it stood to reason that one day I would be able to meditate for ten minutes.

"The spiritual life is never one of achievement:
it is always one of letting go."

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