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Working Steps 10, 11, and 12.
Building a personal practice.
Creating a small group practice.

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... So we learn to be rigorously honest about all our fears when we do Step 10 by ourselves. And when it comes to doing Step 10 in a group, we prefer small private groups or a very small 12-Step meeting, because of the trust and intimacy we find there ...

... Intimacy is what permits discussion of our deepest fears. And discussing our fears in turn deepens that intimacy. We are not talking here about sexual or physical intimacy. We are talking about a relationship that is based on trust and openness ...

... Some small 12-Step groups may offer this sort of trust and intimacy. But this is unusual. 12-Step groups with more than about seven or eight members, or groups where members do not know one another well, may be less suitable. We are talking here only from our experience. Your experience may be different ...

... In small private groups, it's possible to find the trust and intimacy that must accompany the working of Step 10 ...

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