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Right now

A friend in Program says:

In the main, meditation is about being in the moment and being aware of being in the moment. When we first start to meditate, remaining in the moment can be hard. It gets easier the longer we practice, though. And even for the beginning meditator, being completely in the moment will happen frequently.

This awareness of being in the moment happened dramatically for three friends of a leading religious figure on top of a mountain. Quite spontaneously, one of the friends suggested building little shelters and staying there. He was doing what we all try to do when we find ourselves in the "right now." Almost immediately, we start thinking about how we can perpetuate that awareness. Arriving in the moment, we nevertheless move out of it by trying to figure out how we can make the experience last for ever.

It's this tendency that has caused some experienced meditators to suggest that we not keep a meditation journal. It's just too tempting to meditate in an attempt to recapture the way we felt the last time we meditated "successfully."

There is no "return" in meditation. Each time we meditate, it's a new adventure. Each time we find ourselves in the "right now," it's a new experience, completely unique, which can never be repeated.

"The spiritual life is never one of achievement:
it is always one of letting go."

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