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This Way of Living
Working Steps 10, 11, and 12.
Building a personal practice.
Building a one-on-one practice.
Creating a small group practice.

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What this site is all about.

This site has been created to help certain members of 12-Step programs in their practice of Steps 10, 11, and 12.

Most members of Program may practice some form of Step 12, while regarding Steps 10 and 11 as the so-called "maintenance Steps." But for a small number of members, Steps 10 and 11 are, and have to be, the very goal, the very heart of Program. If this minority of members don't do Steps 10 and 11 as a constant practice, they can encounter problems - sometimes severe problems.

Who we are
We - the creators of this site - belong to that small number of Program members we have just described. We have discovered we can only be happy, joyous, and free if we practice Steps 10 and 11 constantly.

Our number includes:

  • members who can not stay sober or abstinent at all without this practice, and

  • members who can remain abstinent from one addiction, but only by replacing it with another addiction, and

  • members who may have been in recovery for many years, but who have found that they can not be happy, joyous, and free unless they make a constant practice of the last three Steps.
Our numbers also include a few people who have no history of addiction, but have found that this practice is transforming their lives.

What we do
This is a spiritual practice - a "way of living," as the AA Big Book puts it. This site describes how we do this practice alone, one-on-one, and in small private groups. Whether it is something that will work for you, only you can determine.

Home page

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