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We only have three problems
And yet we think we have so many ....

We - the minority of people in 12-Step programs who believe that we need to practice Steps 10 and 11 constantly - often think that we have many problems. In reality, the practice of Steps 10 and 11 tells us we only have three:

  1. We're afraid, and we don't know how to make that fear go away;

  2. Even if we weren't afraid, we wouldn't know what to do;

  3. Even if we knew what to do, we wouldn't have the strength or power to do it.
The solution to Problem One
Step 10 enables us to deal with the first problem - right here and right now.

If we do Step 10 right here and now, and if our fears are removed right here and right now, then fear has ceased to be a problem right here and right now.

Of course, we are tempted to reply, "But I'm not afraid of what's happening right here and right now. I'm afraid of what's going to happen next week."

Quite true, perhaps. But we are worrying about next week right here and right now. We're not worrying about next week next week, because it's not next week yet - it's right here and right now.

The solution to Problems Two and Three
Step 11 offers the solution to the second and third problems. Once we have done Step 10 and the fear has been removed (or lessened), we can use the various suggestions on pages 86-87 of the Big Book to find out what we should do and where to get the strength to do it. Actually doing it is what Step 12 is really all about.

We offer several pages on Step 11 to describe our experiences with this practice.

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