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This Way of Living
Working Steps 10, 11, and 12.
Building a personal practice.
Building a one-on-one practice.
Creating a small group practice.

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What happened to Step 12?
Why do we say so little about Step 12? Isn't Step 12 what Program is all about?

This is our experience of working the last three Steps as a constant practice.

For us, Step 12 is simply the natural result of working Steps 10 and 11. In Step 10 we ask whatever Higher Power we may have to remove the fear that distorts our view of ourselves, of other people, and of the world. In Step 11, we ask that same Higher Power what we should do, and for the power to do it.

In Step 12, we do it.

  • We have had a spiritual awakening. We have it every time we do Steps 10 and 11, because the practice of those Steps involves asking our Higher Power to remove our fears and doing what that same Higher Power suggests.

  • We try to carry the message of recovery to others by doing what our Higher Power suggests that we do, rather than what we think is best.

  • We try to practice the principles of Program in all affairs in exactly the same way.

Our practice of Steps 10 and 11 is a spiritual practice. It is not about self-improvement, a better self-image, a positive outlook on life. It is about removing our fears (Step 10), asking our Higher Power for guidance and strength (Step 11), and then doing what that Higher Power suggests (Step 12).

For us, this is not merely the heart of Program. It is all of Program. There is nothing else - nothing else to do, nothing to achieve, nothing to complete.

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