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The Anglican church (known as the Episcopal church in the US) began as just another variation of the Roman Catholic Church, but over the centuries it has become a denomination in its own right.....

This Way of Living

Working Steps 10, 11, and 12 alone and in small private groups.

A random selection: Intimacy is what permits discussion of our deepest fears. And the discussion in turn deepens that intimacy. This is why our group members are of the same sex. It is easy to mistake physical attraction for intimacy. A same-sex group can't prevent that mistake, but it goes some way towards doing so.

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Ten years ago, the comic strip Ten, Eleven, Twelve made its first appearance on this site. A total of 114 strips told of the day-to-day doings of the rather peculiar members of the "Beyond Human Aid" 12-Step Club - MustNo Y, Tich, Baldy, Nancy, Hippie Harry and the rest. We're celebrating the Club's tenth anniversary with a one-time repeat of those strips, beginning July 1, 2020.

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